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M.O.G. Hangout Announcement

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Formed sometime in 2007 by bassist Justin Tester, guitarist Rob Nicholls and drummer Brandon Tester out of the giblets of other music projects M.O.G. would slowly gain momentum over the course of four years. In 2012 they brought aboard vocalist James Weeks II on a whim, and released a demo. A few months later guitarist Jake Hazelwood joined the outfit. Now the band is ripping its way though the statist masses and has released an EP, Canis Major. Drawing from many genres including Punk, Black Metal, Grindcore, Crust and OSDM, they definitely stick out like a soar thumb.

M.O.G (Man Over Government) is going to be our first featured band on Plaxant/Music. If you have any questions about them, their music, their political views,…

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